• Scott Donald

    Australia’s leading professional dog trainer

In a career spanning 30 years, Scott has personally trained over 10,000 dogs of all breeds. His dog training is so effective, dog owners send their dogs to Scott from all over Australia and overseas to be trained.

“Don’t get rid of the dog, get rid of the problem”

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Scott you have worked magic … this was only Jet’s first day out and already the improvement is like ‘night and day’. Scott I just don’t know how to thank you for all your expert help, your valuable time and all your kindness. Thank you so, so much for all your invaluable help with Jet.

MaxineOwner of Jet
Jim Farrell

I can’t speak highly enough about Scott – his ability with dogs is just incredible. The commitment he shows in training your dog goes far beyond what I’ve experienced with other trainers. My relationship with my dog has been completely transformed by Scott… I can’t thank him enough.

Jim FarrellOwner of Mishka

Scott’s simple, but highly effective dog training system

Dog Obedience Training has always been central to Scott’s work, and it was his passion for training dogs of all breeds that led him to develop his simple, but highly successful SOX method of dog training. Scott has successfully trained over 10,000 dogs using this method.

The SOX method is so simple but so effective, Scott decided to make it available to everyone. He developed ‘K9 Master Class Training Basics’ – a comprehensive DIY dog training package.

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Professional associations

30 years dog training

Royal Australian Air Force

Scott is a member of the Royal Australian Air Force Dog Handlers Association and is an honorary lifetime member of the American Federation of Professional Dog Trainers.

Australian Veterinary Association Approved Presenter….

Scott works with the Australian Veterinary Association. As an Approved AVA PetPEP Dog Obedience Presenter, Scott regularly teaches primary school students about dogs

American Canine Association

Scott’s skills and experience are recognised internationally. As well as being a member of the American Federation of Professional Dog Trainers, Scott as works with the American Canine Association’s (ACA) as one of their key Dog Trainers.

  • 30 years experience in the dog training industry in Australia and overseas
  • Provided personal police dog security for Pope John II and Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana
  • Trained dogs for movies, television and advertising, including Steve Irwin’s The Crocodile Hunter
  • Managed Australian Air force and American Air force military working dog units and police dog security for major international mining companies
  • Managed State and Federal Police Anti-Terrorist Operations
  • Personally trained over 10,000 working and family dogs

“I will transform your relationship with your dog”

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