Why mollycoddling your dog can be dangerous.

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Do you spoil your dog? Meet the dog behaviour expert who says pampered pooches can end up being problematic and even dangerous.


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Dog trainer slams the use of treats to spoil dogs

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Dog trainer Scott Donald has created a DIY dog training app in response to dog attacks. More than 25 deaths from dog attacks in Australia since 2000. He fears modern dog owners mollycoddle their dogs, aren’t firm and use too many treats as rewards for good behaviour. He says too many families buy performance dogs (such as cattle breeds) from breeders in an unregulated industry and aren’t taught how to handle them.

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Are we training our dogs correctly?

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It’s always been said that “dogs are a mans’ best friend”, but are they when they aren’t trained correctly. Dog trainer, Scott Donald tells Gary Hardgrave about the best methods for training those beloved family pets.

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Pampered pooches becoming entitled, dangerous dogs

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PAMPERING pooch lovers are creating a generation of mollycoddled canines who think they are top dog and have the potential to attack.

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